Derech HaMelech is a unique yeshiva in the heart of Jerusalem which has much to offer the mature and experienced student.

Derech HaMelech began with the one man’s dream. As a yeshiva student, Rabbi Baruch Gartner would experience deeply inspiring Shabbosim, only to feel let down on Sunday. His yeshiva didn’t offer the same “soul food” that nourished him over Shabbos – the excitement of davening, the deep insight of chassidus, and the focus on the internal aspects of yiddishkeit. He dreamed of a place which would sustain that reality seven days a week.

Rabbi Gartner went on to become a world-renowned sofer, but his dream never faded. In fact, it only intensified as he discovered many young men hungry for a yeshiva that would speak to them on every level. He put aside his quill and decided to create “living Torahs”. He garnered the support of some of the giants of our generation, gathered a staff of outstanding Torah scholars, and created a yeshiva initially headed by the gaon, Rabbi Asher Weiss. Derech HaMelech opened its doors in September 2005 (Elul 5765).

Now starting it’s seventh year, the yeshiva has succeeded in profoundly and positively affecting the live’s of many young men. If you are interested in intensive high-level learning; connection with Gedolei Yisroel; the joy and fire of chassidus; and personalized attention, then Yeshivas Derech HaMelech is for you.


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