Speaking Opportunities


From the beginning of Rabbi Gartner’s path from Baltimore, to Tzfat, and finally to Jerusalem where he married and raised his family, Rabbi Gartner maintained a critical theme: “This makom, this space needs to be free of pressure to act, look, or dress a certain way. Here the only agenda of the institution is that each student should write his own agenda: How do you want to grow? How do you want to get there? What do you need? How can we be your guides and mentors to help you travel your path to the King?” Adds Rabbi Gartner: “Each day, each person here has a portion in building this dream. The foundations have been laid. The dream has begun….but the avodah that remains is large, the potential massive and the vision yet incomplete.”

Contact Rav Gartner for Speaking Oppurtunities at baruchgartner@derechhamelech.org

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