For approximately two hundred years the words of the Alexanderer Rebbes warmed the hearts and souls of Jews in Eastern Europe. The unique Alexanderer approach is centered on humility, honesty, simcha and emunah, all following the path of Rabbi Simcha Bunim of P’shischa, the founder of Polish Chassidus.
Divrei Torah on the weekly parsha from R’ Moshe Mendelbaum

A translation and explanation of the Sfas Emes on the weekly parsha by Rabbi Reuven Boshnack

At the age of 17, the Sfas Emes became Rebbe to thousands of chassidim, both young and old, simple and talmidei chachamim. Understandably some of the older chassidim were a little uncomfortable with such a young leader and they made their gripes known to the Rebbe. I’ll give you a mashal said the Sfas Emes: There were a group of veteran mountain climbers who succeded in scaling an unusually high mountain. When there hard work was finished and they got to the top they were shocked to see a little boy sitting there. Bewildered they asked, “how did you get all the way up here?” The boy understood their suprise and answered simply, “it was really nothing, i was born here…”



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